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We aim to create a world of equal opportunity where fathers, young men, and all people hold power to create and lead safe, prosperous lives.

GFF – a non-profit, was founded to create opportunities, reduce fatherhood disparities, and help fathers (immigrants) with their unexpected transition to fatherhood, a new environment, by offering some guidance to meeting daily life challenges from an experienced coach and a role model and make men’s voices heard.

Through collaboration, grant-making, research, and policy, the Foundation is building pathways to economic security for fathers and young men who experience the most significant disparities in outcomes, particularly low-income immigrant fathers. Other companies can sponsor our training programs and media projects or give goods in kind.

Whether large or small, your partnership is essential to Global Fatherhood’s team. Your grant and gift will ultimately help the immigrant fathers of the USA and global missions and help us transform fatherhood across barriers and different cultures.

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All men and women, including County, business, or non-profits, are welcome to participate in our program. For new members, we would like to schedule a one-hour meeting. To prepare this, please call 763-205-9643 with your name, date, and time you would like to meet. You must participate in this visit before receiving our services and attending a class.