Fatherhood Is Contagious beyond average is a pioneering work of excellence.

YES, Global Fatherhood Is a Great Privilege and Responsibility. Don’t overlook yourself. We can push baby strollers, too..with a pioneering work of consciousness. I treasure this moment with empathy and going beyond. I know what it takes to be a great father.

Would you happen to know my most significant dream?? To be a Global fatherhood MENTOR…One global father once said ‘ Fatherhood Is a Great Privilege and Responsibility. When you’re not involved, you leave a deep scar that will take a long time to heal. Take a moment and ask yourself? Are you involved?

Fathers are better off when they’re involved with their children. They are more confident, effective, and satisfied in their parenting than fathers who are not as involved. They see their interactions with their kids more positively and are more attentive, understanding, and accepting of their children. 

The benefits reach beyond family relationships and into the broader community as well. Children naturally encourage their parents to broaden their horizons. Fathers who spend much quality time with their children are more likely to form community connections, socialize, and take leadership positions in their community. 

Even a father’s work and career benefit from his attentiveness to his children. It might seem counterintuitive since time with children is time not spent working. Still, the research shows that a man’s emotional involvement with his children can further his career in several ways while protecting against work-related stresses.[vi]

Some research has found that fathers who spend more time with their kids also work more hours and earn more money.[vii] This could be because many fathers believe that one of their critical roles in the family is that of the economic provider. Considering this sense of responsibility, it makes sense that fathers feel a greater attachment to their careers than men who are not fathers.[viii]

That’s not to say that work and family are always easy to balance. In fact, if fathers work too much, it can harm their relationship with their kids—making them less accepting and less able to see different perspectives.[ix] Several recent changes in the workforce, including paternity leave, flexible work hours, and telecommuting, are helping to address the challenge of work-family balance.

Do you know that more and more American companies are giving fathers time off to spend vacation time with their families? These sorts of solutions, which allow for a more thorough integration of family life and work life, are beneficial for fathers and their spouses and children. (boba)

So Global Father, whenever you let us agree with one voice being a Father Is a Great Privilege and Responsibility. Don’t overlook yourself. Father’s rocks. 

Fatherhood is contagious.

Sam Mwangi. 

Executive Director