Adult Support Services Grant

The Adult Support Services program, run by the Global Fatherhood Foundation in collaboration with DEED, is dedicated to promoting career advancement and fostering success for underrepresented BIPOC individuals in the Minnesota workforce. The program provides work readiness preparation and career exploration specifically designed for individuals who face significant barriers to employment, using innovative approaches. The program specifically aims to assist individuals in the Twin Cities area and Hennepin County who are at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. It places a strong emphasis on supporting communities of color, immigrants, refugees, and individuals who face barriers to workforce participation.

Participants can gain industry-recognized credentials in a range of fields, such as Customer Service, Sales, Food Handling, Commercial Driving, and Certified Nursing Assistance. The program offers a range of support services including housing aid, financial assistance, counseling, mentorship opportunities, and parenting classes. Participants are rewarded with completion certificates, recognition events, and the opportunity to access additional training.

Mandatory Qualifications:

  1. Career readiness preparation
  2. Require additional assistance
  3. 18+ years of age
  4. Minnesota Resident
  5. Be authorized to work in the USA

Person of color or at/below Federal Poverty Guidelines

The enrollment process is designed to thoroughly assess participants’ needs and motivations. It utilizes a multifaceted recruitment strategy, informational outreach, collaborative partner engagement, and thorough intake processes. The role of navigators is essential in offering individualized support and guidance, while community engagement activities help gather valuable insights into the unique needs of the target population. The assessment process is thorough, taking into account strengths, barriers, and individual needs to ensure that services are tailored effectively. The Adult Support Services program strives to empower individuals from BIPOC communities by equipping them with the necessary tools and support to thrive in the workforce.