DEED Grant Background

Global Fatherhood Foundation, a community service-based organization, received a grant from Minnesota Deed to bridge the gap for professionally trained immigrant nurses or doctors who reside here but do not meet the US NURSING/ HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL STANDARD, particularly those with significant barriers (such as education or language) to enter the employment workforce in skilled workforce health care occupations, resulting in nursing licensure in Minnesota for immigrant Work in healthcare? Apply.

Mandatory Qualifications

Please Read Very Carefully

Internationally trained healthcare professionals of at least 18 years of age who: 

    • Have been licensed for the same or similar work in their country of origin,
    • Seek to re-enter the healthcare workforce requiring a postsecondary degree, diploma, or certificate for licensure and obtain professional licensure to do similar work in Minnesota.


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Proposed Service Summary

The award promotes career development programs and helps people with substantial impediments to employment enter skilled healthcare positions. They also offer several ways to get Minnesota licenses.  Last year, we expanded our goal to include health and immunization fairness, career and employment preparedness, and community housing stability. 

We’ve built resilience by concentrating on all communities. African refugees and East African immigrant communities, particularly culturally unique East African immigrant communities and People of Color (BIPOC), will be served. Diversifying local economies is one of the best ways to improve economic resilience and deliver quality services.

The Executive Summary

The International Trained Professional Adult job track will be modeled community-wide by Global Fatherhood Foundation and its many partners. This will provide a variety of healthcare occupations leading to industry-recognized credentials, a strong connection for healthcare employment with multiple entry and exit points, assistance to trained healthcare professionals in earning the professional licenses required to do similar work in Minnesota, and wraparound support. 

 We expect to enroll over 45 persons in accelerated career pathways for Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Medical Assistants, Family Medical Assistants, Physicians Assistants, and Nurse Practitioners during the next 1-2 years. Bridge programs give participants a healthcare-specific preparation license and help them find work.

 Our main goal is to increase working-age adults, particularly in BIPOC and immigrant areas. Still, we encourage other groups with employment barriers to pursue postsecondary education leading to industry-recognized credentials.

 Finally, our relationship will strengthen and contribute to ensuring that globally trained professionals receive high-quality training and support to succeed in job or further education. We aim to work with employers like Hennepin County Medical, North Memorial, and Minnesota Career Force to identify route focus and provide curriculum, internship and employment opportunities, bargaining skills, and advanced training.

Acquiring a Certificate

If needed, adult route participants will be eligible for

  • College or postsecondary diploma
  • Bachelor of Science
  • State License Application 
  •  Master of Nursing Program


  1. Application form—We need the following:
    • A copy of my driver’s license,
    • social security card, or work authorization/Permanent Resident/Green Card
  2. Career you’re pursuing (credential training/school)
    • College/school/location Your first time in college—require credentials/certificate from your nation
    • Individual Plan Development (bridge the gap and where you need help the most), Assessment
    • Signed release of information to contact the school/college
  3. Phone/Zoom follow-up/quick assessment
  4. Assess your resource needs monthly.
  5. Career Development/Work Resources
  6. Track your career monthly. to aid career evaluation.